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The Work and Results of God’s Word for Man [Kazi na Matokeo ya Neno la Mungu kwa Mwanadamu || Brown Mwakipesile] //LESSONS OF GOD’S WORD [Watch/Listen Free]

Welcome to listen to the teachings of the word of God through youtube,
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through this teaching of the words of god.               


Various studies of God’s Word.

First of all I congratulate you for wanting to seek to study God’s Word, there is a purpose for God to bring you here, the Bible tells us.

  • 1Timothy 4:13 “Be diligent in reading…”

There are very few people around the world looking for basic things like you.

And you know what? Your diligence is not in vain, the Lord Jesus said,

  • 1Timothy 4:13 “Be diligent in reading
  • Matthew 7: 8 “For he that seeketh findeth; and he that killeth shall be set free ”.

And he also said ..

  • Matthew 5: 6 “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled. For they will be satisfied ’.

So what you seek the Lord will give you, and perhaps even more than what you were expecting,

Here you will find a wide variety of Bible studies, more than 1,000, and many bible questions answered. From the book of Genesis to the book of Revelation.



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